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Dixieland Jazz

Dixieland is an early form of jazz, primarily popular in the early 20th-century, created as a combination of African American/New Orleans ragtime, Sicilian music, polka, waltz, blues, spirituals, and popular melodies. The Dixieland song style was created as background music and entertainment in the brothels, bars, and social clubs of South Louisiana.

Dixieland bands originated from small-town marching bands, depending on the combination of instruments and setting. When asking the question What is Dixieland? it is important to remember the highly dynamic confluence of different cultures and musical traditions during this time in New Orleans.

Doreen has performed Dixieland from her roots of New Orleans. Keeping the traditions alive she and her band including her husband Lawrence Ketchens and their daughter Dorian Dixon Ketchens. She has performs on Royal and abroad for many years. We would like to invite you to visit her website Doreen has a new Christmas CD out and working on new music.

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